“Holly’s playing brought a high level of artistry and skill to our performance, highlighting the high caliber of flamenco in Canada.”

Jane Ogilvie and Cat Moores

The Edmonton Flamenco Festival

The Transcendencia project has been the culmination of Holly’s work in flamenco for more than a decade since she began composing in 2006. Her compositions are a synthesis of modern flamenco, studying the tradition, her classical studies and the natural influence of North American music – always with respect and deference to the flamenco tradition. Because flamenco is modular – segments are taken out of one context and reworked to fit into another – the pieces have been arranged and rearranged many times to fit the ensemble configuration of the day.

For that reason, what the listener hears on the album is just one example of they way the piece could be arranged, and the ensemble is always malleable. However, the themes played by the guitar remain constant and will always be a recognizable element to those who know the work – as is typical in flamenco. The music on the album can be played as solos, with an instrumental duo or trio, with or without singing, or reworked entirely to compliment a dancer.