Guitar School / Mission

“I love accompanying dance classes! Everything ‘clicks’ for me: rhythm, tempo, the synergy of playing with other musicians. It is in ensemble class that I fully appreciate the energy that is flamenco.”

Stephanie Woods

Guitar Student

Guitar School
Please inquire about private lessons via the Contact section. 
Dance accompaniment training is available in a group class format. We have a synergistic program with a flamenco dance school in which guitarists play for dance classes and are given opportunities to perform with the dancers. 


  • Cultivate flamenco appreciators (aficionados).
  • Share knowledge with the flamenco student community through workshops and private instruction.
  • Create occasional opportunities for up-and-coming performers.
  • Build community among flamenco students and aficionados.
  • Teach similarly to the way flamenco is taught in Spain, as an aural tradition; while acknowledging that many students in our culture require some notation at first.
  • Provide fretboard theory suitable to each student’s level to help them learn, and understand the music. Provide the option of learning formal theory and notation as used in a flamenco context. 
  • Provide students with a foundation that is technically and ergonomically sound.
  • Emphasize ensemble playing, since flamenco guitar has its foundation in rhythm and the ensemble.
  • Encourage students to attend live performances.

“Holly’s easygoing and supportive demeanor coupled with her passion for music makes learning very enjoyable. Her enthusiasm and love for music is infectious, which creates an atmosphere where learning to play and appreciate music is a lot of fun. I highly recommend Holly to anyone interested in learning Flamenco guitar!”

Tom Eckstrand

Guitar Student

“Holly’s ability to relay the lesson material from both an intellectual and artistic perspective engages me as a student and makes every lesson gratifying.”

Sergio Millan

Guitar Student