Musings of a Musical Mind


On Being Unconventional, Part 1

Recently, I was contemplating how my grandparents influenced me, and decided to honour each of them during their birth month, starting with my paternal Grandma, whose birthday is at the end of July. In many ways my Grandma Ada led an ordinary life for a woman of her...

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6 Tastes of Ayurveda

With the Ayurvedic diet we can truly take control of our health, often without the need for medication and with minimal supplements. One of the key concepts behind an Ayurvedic diet is the 6 tastes: bitter, pungent, astringent, sweet, salty and sour. By understanding...

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Are You Superstitious?

Our cliché impression that the Gypsies are a mysterious, fortune-telling people who might even put a curse on you if you cross them, strikes real fear into the hearts of outsiders. The Spanish culture as a whole (indeed, most cultures worldwide) seems to have much...

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My Favourite Rule

It could safely be said that I have a bit of an unfriendly relationship with rules. If I want to be sure that I won’t do something, one of the best ways to create insurance is to make a rule saying that I must. I’ve learned that one way around this is to make rules...

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Three Ways to Use Music to Change Your Mood

Sharon Carne is an author, speaker, musician, sound healer. She’s the founder of Sound Wellness and the Sound Wellness Institute, whose programs are at the forefront of education and training for practitioners in using sound for healing and for those looking to...

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Why Don’t More Women Play Flamenco Guitar?

After recently spending time at the Fearless Women’s Summit in Calgary and winning a Fearless Woman Award, I found myself thinking about what the award means to me. I normally avoid gender politics, at least publicly, but I feel strongly that there are some pieces...

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Being a Flamenco Aficionado: Palmas

When I was in Spain for the first time, I attended several performances that had the same two local professional palmeros. These two men did ONLY hand clapping; they didn’t sing, dance or play an instrument. One of them was quite a character, taking his own bow at the...

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On Friendship and Composing

One of my good friends maintains that a musician’s relationship to their art is very much like any other relationship; it takes time, care and attention, it has its own dynamic and needs nourishment. I agree! Like any other encounter with a friend or lover, every time...

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Full-Body Listening in the Peñas of Seville

I will always remember my first weekend in Seville, Spain, back in 2006. A friend wanted to show me around, so she took me to a little concert at the Peña de Pies Plomo, or the 'Pummelled Feet Peña.’ Peñas are small performance venues seen in many of the Andalusian...

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