Introducing Vedic Astrologer Tara Lefevre the BSL team!

For a long time, I was reluctant to get an Astrology reading. It was half Don’t-Wanna-Know and half control issues. I wouldn’t want to be influenced by something that turns out to be a bunch of bunk, right?

What if I found out that I failed to meet my destiny back in my 20s when I didn’t quit school and go to Spain? Did I miss out on meeting the love of my life and father of my children, not to mention launching an amazing career in world travel as a flamenco guitarist? (Probably not). 

What if I learned that I’m meant to move to India in order to jump on the next big trend in Yoga and Ayurveda but my passport has expired (it actually has) and I don’t know what to do with my aging dog? 

Or worse, what if I’m destined to spend my old age living under a bridge?

The whole thing seemed kind of silly, really. So what changed my mind? A few things:

One of my favourite thought leaders, Caroline Myss, suggests the idea that seeing our life through an archetypal lens can be extremely beneficial. The archetypes themselves are neutral; it’s how we engage with them that charges them either positively or negatively. 

Then, a friend a brought me a blurb about my numerological profile. I learned SO much from it; combined with what I know about Ayurveda, the information was truly powerful. It helped me tweak certain aspects of my lifestyle in ways I would never have considered, which has made a huge difference to my energy levels. Once again, the information was presented in a way that acknowledges our ability to actualize the tendencies for our own benefit or to our detriment. 

Since the concept of tendencies is neutral, rather than pre-destined, my next question was, what could I legitimately learn about myself and my clients from Vedic Astrology, since it’s part of the Ayurveda system? While the 3 Types combine in unique ways for each of us, I was curious to know, if I had more detailed information, could I help you understand yourself better and help you get results more quickly? Could I offer solutions that are even MORE made for you than I already do? 

YES, of course…

Admittedly, I was researching courses before good sense took over and told me to build my business before I undertook any more undertakings. What happened next could only have been orchestrated by the Universe…

I met Tara Lefevre, Vedic Astrologer. Who happened to be looking for an Ayurvedic consultant to team up with. She can see the tendencies of the Ayurvedic types in peoples’ charts but isn’t trained in Ayurveda, so she isn’t able to give specific feedback on how to manage those from a lifestyle perspective. 

We’ve been trading services since then, which has been rocking my world and we’re ready to rock yours with it, too!

  • Turns out, Astrology isn’t just glorified fortune-telling. Tara doesn’t make specific predictions, she just talks about the tendencies she sees and how to manage them to best advantage. (I haven’t missed the boat; the hot-blooded Spanish man was never the only option). 
  • The archetypal energies in your chart are essentially a topographical map that suggests what type of terrain you’re likely to encounter on your particular path. How you choose to engage with that information is up to you.
  • Understanding which of the constitutional tendencies in your chart work easily in your favour, and which ones need to be managed sets the stage for the Ayurveda system to bring balance into your life and your endeavours.
  • Add to that the component of Right Timing, which is unique to Vedic Astrology, and you get a glimpse of when to do certain practices so that they’re most fruitful. 

How does all this fit with Bite-Sized Lifestyle?

All my coaching packages now include an Astrology reading as a default, unless there’s a reason not to. The initial session is a three-way reading between Tara, myself and you, with a focus on the challenges you’d like to address. After that, I book a 2-hour session with you to outline a course of action based on all of the information we’ve just compiled, including your What’s My Type? quiz and to start you on the path to transformation. Everything that happens after that is “double-customized,” because it’s all based on what’s shown up astrologically and Ayurvedically. 

Is your curiosity piqued? Send me a message, I’d be happy to chat.